Enlightened Inspiration:
The Exhibition of  Linda Schwarz in Spitäle Würzburg

Würzburger Art Wokshop of the comunity Sant’Egidio e. V.

The “Spitäle” a samll curch at the old bridge over the river Main has a long and interresting history. In the middle ages it has been the curch of “the fourteen helper in need”.  After the the destruction at the end of the second world war, the “Spitäle” changed to a place of arts. The reconstruction has been operated by the Members of the “association of  Artists of Unterfranken” (VKU).February this year an exhibiton has taken place, which let do appear the building in a different light: „VersinnLICHT“ (German pun: sensualized and Licht) is the name of the exhibition of the artist Linda Schwarz, a friend of the friends of the Art Workshop Sant’Egidio e. V..